WW1 Project – Holywell schools visit to Caernarfon Castle – 14th September 2018

As part of the World War One commemoration project, 6 year students from Ysgol MaesGlas, Ysgol Maes y Felin and St. Winefride’s have recently visited the regimental museum of the 5th battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers at Caernarfon Castle.

A key part of the project involves the school children researching and writing up individual citations for all 54 soldiers from Holywell and Greenfield who died in battle during the war.  Most of these soldiers joined the 5th battalion.   Their work will be presented to everyone at a commemoration event at the Holywell Roll of Honour on 11th November.

The photographs show children from Maes y Felin being show items and artefacts used by soldiers – including what they wore and carried, and what they survived on, and was presented by Lorraine, dressed up as. World War 1 nurse.  Can you spot the soldier in the audience?

All the children were very enthusiastic and learnt so much from the demonstrations and visiting the museum.  The visits were funded by monies received from Heritage Lottery for this project.

Teacher of the Year – Helen Jones – 10th September 2018

Our Rotary Club were very pleased to welcome Helen Jones, Science Teacher at Flint High School.   Helen was recently awarded the ‘Outstanding Young Teacher of the Year’ by the Welsh Assembly.

Helen told us how she came to be nominated for this award, and all the assessments she had to survive.  It was very evident in her talk to us how she fulfilled all the words in the citation that accompanied her award – “she conducts her lessons with pace and plans thoroughly to make sure everyone is included, regardless of ability. Her lessons are fun and innovative. She is an excellent role model and good team player”.

It was very clear to all Rotarians that Helen is a teacher with considerable passion. She clearly has the interests and welfare of her students always in mind, and this can only have a lasting benefit for everyone.  It is just gratifying to know that one of our local schools has such talent and commitment.

Her success in the Welsh competition means that she will go forward to the UK national finals on 21 October (which will be televised on 28 October).  Flint and Holywell Rotary wish her every success.

A vote of thanks was given by Immediate Past President Neil Roberts

Helen with Rotary Vice President Jim, and             Vocational Committee lead Rob


Helen with the magnificent Welsh slate trophy awarded to her

History of Comedy – 3rd September 2018

The topic ‘History of Comedy’ resonated with members – a very interesting presentation, by David Carrington, which brought back memories of times when comedians were classically funny and entertaining.  The vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Malcolm Mellor.

President Dave Roberts & David Carrington

President Elect Jim Reid, President Dave Roberts with Honorary members Edwin Hughes & Mark Isherwood AM

Visit – North West Cancer Research Inst. – Bangor University – 6th August 2018

Bangor North West Cancer Research Institute:

The Bangor North West Cancer Research Institute was founded in 2004, with support from North West Cancer Research (NWCR), Bangor University and the Welsh Assembly Government. The Institute is housed in recently refurbished laboratories at the School of Medical Sciences in the Brambell Building.

Cancer and Cancer ResearchCurrently, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their life time. There are more than 200 types of cancer, each having a unique cause and set of symptoms. Due to the complexity of cancer, there is no single cure for all types of cancer and different cancers require different treatments. The aim of our research is to understand the differences between different types of cancer cells and their healthy equivalents, and then to utilise these differences to devise new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic procedures to be employed in the clinic for specific cancers. Thanks to the money invested in cancer research, many advances have been made over the last decades: while 50 years ago the chance that a cancer patient was still alive 10 years after diagnosis was only slightly above 20 percent, the current average 10-year cancer survival rate is around 50 percent. However, the cancer incidence rate is steadily increasing and more research is needed to improve cancer diagnostics and treatments!

Research at Bangor
Members of the Institute use a range of model systems and state of the art technologies to research various aspects of carcinogenesis, cancer diagnostics and treatment. The research groups of Dr. Jane Wakeman and Dr. Ramsay McFarlane use human cell lines to investigate tumour invasion and metastasis, and to identify novel cancer markers that can be used in diagnostics and treatments. The groups of Dr. Thomas Caspari, Dr. Rita Cha, Dr. Chris Staples and Dr. Edgar Hartsuiker are interested in mechanisms that maintain genome stability and thus prevent cancer. Dr. David Pryce is interested in understanding the role of the immune system in cancer. One of our aims is to translate our research findings into the clinic to improve the treatment of cancer patients. For this purpose, we are increasingly collaborating with clinicians in Wales and Liverpool.

Flint & Holywell members and partners are indebted to Amy Robinson (NWCR), Dr. Edgar Hartsuiker, Dr. Rita Cha and members of their research team for facilitating our visit.

‘Back to school??’
Dr. Edgar Hartsuiker
Amy Robinson, Dr Hartsuiker and Dr. Cha









Supper – fine dining – fish and chips at Enochs


Project Dignity – BBQ 30th June 2018


HOST: Rotarian – JR

It was a great pleasure to accept an invitation from Jim who is not a stranger to S.A. to co – host a South African style BBQ (Braai) at his home in North Wales.

Jim even went so far as to have Boerewors (Farmers Sausage) made by his Butcher in Chester. Wow that is truly in the spirit of Rotary.

Jim, my Darling husband Dave and my Sister – in Law Chrissie spent some considerable time cooking, setting tables and chairs and erecting a Gazebo to hold the bar, tables etc.

We hosted over 70 people most of who were from the Rotary Club of FLINT AND HOLYWELL. We were aided by friends of Jim and other Rotarians. I would like to say a very big thank you to all concerned for the hospitality and sheer hard work that went into preparing and hosting this event.

I presented past President Neil Roberts with a certificate from our club and am (I am told) shortly to receive a flag from the club.

We managed to raise a whopping total £1250.00 which is being split between our Club for Project Dignity and the FLINT AND HOLYWELL club for a shipment of 40 boxes of educational books to schools in Uganda.


Thank you all once again for your help and for the friendship shown with so much practical help.
Rotarian Arlene Arnold
Rotary E-Club of South Africa One

Greenfield Valley – 16th July 2018

A member’s ‘away night’ took advantage of a visit to a local amenity on their doorstep – a visit to Greenfield Valley

The Greenfield Valley Museum opened in 1982 and developed around the agricultural buildings of the original Abbey Farm, which was a working farm until 1979. Buildings rescued from elsewhere in Flintshire were moved here to form an open air museum which included historic farmhouses and a Victorian school house.

The majority of the collections span a date range between 1850 and 1950 covering a variety of themes including agriculture, social history and the industrial history of the local area.

President Dave Roberts (a local lad) expressed thanks of the members to staff at the centre for the excellence of the ‘all to brief’ tour




          Where am I ??and / or which one is our President ???

Dragon’s Den at Ysgol Treffynnon, Holywell – 18th July 2018



Rotary were delighted to be asked to provide a ‘Dragon’s Den’ for 4th year students at Ysgol Treffynnon, Holywell

In a session that lasted all morning, some 50 students in 12 teams presented business plans around the creation and marketing of an educational board game, essentially for younger children, but with potential for all age groups.

All product presentations were incredibly well researched, financed and potentially viable as very marketable.

Students acted out roles that would be found in all Companies – Managing Director, Financial Controller, Production, Marketing and Sales Managers.

Rotarians came away exceptionally impressed by all the presentations they heard.


The Dragons – Rotarians Jim Reid, Martin Barker, Rob Board & Lawrance Hughes


Overall winners – Diversity X – Chloe, Nathan, Ellice, Mabli & Lucie P


      Best presentation – Edu City – Ellie, Millie, Emma, Lottie & Abi


Best creative product – DCIS Games – Steven, Cameron, Isssac, Dylan & Paul


                         DIVERSITY X and The Dragons


DIVERSITY X , The Dragons & Mark Seale (Director of Learning at Ysgol Treffynnon)