Dragons Den – Holywell High – 29th Nov 2019


For the past few months, year 10 students at Treffynnon have been working hard as part of their business studies, developing a marketable product in the form of an educational game targeted at younger people, but able to be used by parents and others to enhance learning.

Last week, teams of students presented their finished work to 4 ‘Dragon’s’ – members of Rotary who have had many years of business experience.  Teams had to convince these ‘businessmen’ that they had researched their market, costed their product and produced a game that had the potential to provide a great learning experience and make profits!

All 4 Dragons were tremendously impressed with the efforts of all teams. A fairly simple assessment was used, using 4 criteria where a score of 5 meant that the presentation was “excellent, really good content, well researched and thought through – persuasively and passionately presented”  Added was then an ‘investment potential’ meaning that Dragon’s would certainly put their money into financing the product.

Rotary had a small prize for the winning team, but had a huge dilemma in deciding which team were winners, as 4 teams had perfect 5’s and a 100% investment potential!

Just by the smallest of margins emerged team EduMax – Tom, Lily, Liberty, Emma, Natasha and Charlie.  Their product was a game that focussed on the ecological issues affecting the planet, so creating awareness in young people of how they must give real consideration to reducing plastics and other waste materials. We all thought this was a brilliant concept.

Rotary send their warmest congratulations to all the teams, and thank Treffynnon for the opportunity to take part.  We all felt very privileged to see young students applying such huge effort to innovative thinking and learning.

The picture shows the winning team – EduMax – Tom, Lily, Liberty, Emma, Natasha and Charlie, with Rotarians Gareth, Kevin, David and Rob, and teacher Mark. (this was a double success for Charlie who on the previous day was the joint winner of the Rotary Community Award).

Santa comes to Flint 29th Nov. 2019

Santa, ably assisted by one of his Elves, made his first appearance of the Christmas Season in his newly refurbished sleigh at the increasingly popular Flint Christmas Fair. This event has grown considerably in popularity in recent years and a packed Church Street was treated to a host of Christmas Stalls, side shows and this year, some extremely frightening “Fairground” rides. The steps leading up to the ancient and recently restored Parish Church of St Mary’s provided the setting for choirs singing Christmas Carols, complimenting the Christmas music coming from Santa’s own sleigh.

Santa, as ever, was ably supported by not his elf, but many members of the Flint & Holywell Rotary Club who ensured that all the children who queued patiently to meet Santa were able to meet him and give him their letters. In return, Santa gave each of the children a lolly and promised them a reply to their letters which he would arrange via the local Rotary Club.

Rotary spokesman, David Pearse who worked in Church Street Flint for over 35 years commented that he was delighted to see how popular the event had become, and also how wonderful it was to see so many new shops, and businesses coming back into the Town. The good people of Flint, as ever, dug deep into their pockets to ensure that funds would be available to help the Rotary Club to assist with the many requests for help that are received throughout the year, and the Club hoped that this generosity would be repeated throughout the towns and villages of Flintshire when the Float passes by.

The highlight of the evening was a spectacular firework display, with Flint’s stunning Edwardian Castle providing the backdrop, followed by the switching on of The Christmas Lights.




28th November 2019

Flint and Holywell Rotary Club were delighted to present their Community Award to two dedicated and talented students at the recent School Awards evening.

The award this year was shared by Charlie Gudger and Ben Powell.  Both these incredible young year 10 students have given many hours of their time to a community project which involved planning and organising skills development for new year 7 students, and following up with coaching and mentoring.  The impact and successes through their commitment and efforts have been tremendous, and both have received very high marks in the assessment.  Charlie and Ben are both very worthy of this award, and Rotary send their warmest thanks and appreciation.

The picture shows Charlie ( holding the Rotary trophy) and Ben, with Rotary President Jim Reid, and Rotarians Rob Board ans Steve Blakesley.


Nearly ready to go!!! – Christmas Float


Santas gearing up for his annual tour of Flintshire Towns and Villages

December will soon be upon us, but for members of the Rotary Club of Flint & Holywell, the hard work started way back in October when a team of members with specialist skills set to work on refurbishing Santa’s Christmas Float and its dedicated towing vehicle to ensure they were both fit and ready for Santa to commence his tour of local towns and villages.

Rotarian David Pearse described the extensive list of works which are required to ensure that children throughout this part of Flintshire have the opportunity to experience the wondrous sight of Santa’s brilliantly illuminated Float accompanied by the sound of Christmas Carols making its way past their homes or appearing in Town Centre locations.

But this operation cannot take place without a massive effort from dedicated Rotarians. David commented that the Float itself is a very heavy unit and requires a powerful 4×4 vehicle to haul it through the highways and byways of Flintshire’s towns and villages. The float itself is now quite old and needs constant and extensive works annually to ensure that it is reliable and up to modern safety standards. It also has to endure all the rigours of winter, with the inevitable driving rain snow and ice, which takes its toll, not only on the decorative appearance but also the main structure, the illuminations as well as the electrical fittings.

In this respect we are fortunate to have the owner of a specialist motor mechanics and engineering workshop as a member, along with various other members some who own joinery companies, others with design expertise together with a host of other skills, all necessary to ensure the success of this annual event. Of course all these people give up their time and expertise freely and this helps to ensure that all the money raised goes to fund the charitable donations made to local needy causes throughout the year. Indeed, the money raised from the Christmas float is the largest single money raising event in The Rotary Club’s year.

Unfortunately, the commitment required to take the float out night after night has put an increasing strain on the Float routes and some changes have become inevitable as the demand for the float to appear at Old Peoples Homes and static Town Centre locations has increased. In recent years, the Club has had to face some quite nasty attacks from certain members of the public who have been critical of the manner in which the route of the Float has been planned. Some members of the community were particularly upset that the Float did not stop outside individual houses, however The Club stated that it simply was not possible to meet the individual requirements of all local residents. The Club has however prepared a detailed Route Programme showing times and dates when Santa and his float will be touring each specified areas. The programme, which can be found in local newspapers and on social media, also indicates the location of “Santa Stops” where children can meet Santa, give him their Christmas letters and receive sweets from him. The location of these Santa Stops has been designed to ensure that all parents and their children  can plan their visit to Santa. Club spokesman David also confirmed that ALL letters sent to Santa will receive a personal reply.

With works now complete, Santa and his float are all systems go with the first outing on Thursday 21st November when he will attend the switching on of The Christmas lights at the ever popular Flint Christmas Fair & Market


Global Sight Solutions – 28th Oct 2019

Global Sight Solutions is a registered charity whose aim is to provide free eye care and eye surgery to the very poor in the developing world.

There are estimated to be as many as 650 million people worldwide who, due to poverty, are just too poor to access the necessary medical solutions for themselves.

Of that number around 50 million fall within a category often known as the avoidably, or preventably, blind.

The vast majority of these 50 million people are in need of what is invariably a straight-forward cataract operation.

We consider that the following points indicate Global Sight Solutions to be an efficiently run, financially prudent Charity which provides a sustainable humanitarian aid programme.

1/ GSS is administered by volunteers and therefore running costs are minimal. See ‘Costs’

2/ The business plan of GSS is simply that every hospital must generate its own income, such that, a few years after opening, it becomes financially freestanding. ​Each hospital employs its own staff, from cleaner to eye surgeon. It is therefore not reliant upon transient medical experts from either the country in question or from abroad.

3/ All equipment purchased is new and sourced in the country of use. All these items have both maintenance contracts and insurance, which significantly assists in the calculation of accurate hospitals overheads.

4/ GSS does not support other enterprises, but will fund the training of new surgeons at third party facilities providing the trainees pre-commit to GSS hospitals at the end of their education.

5/ Each hospital is run by a separate Hospital Charitable Trust which is controlled by the managing Rotarians.

6/ Funding is supported by Grants from Rotary’s charity, The Rotary Foundation, the third largest charity in the world, which typically increases donations to GSS by 500%.

7/ The Rotary Foundation operates a strict and transparent Grant process which ensures that every £ is accounted for thereby reassuring donors of the efficacy of the programme.

8/ GSS believes it is unique in the provision of free eye care to the poor, by virtue of the partnerships it forms with the managing Rotarians.

Rotarian Mike Griffiths – a member of Oswestry Rotary club, addressed members on the work of GSS since it’s formation (Eye Camps) as a Rotary Charity – Rtn Clive Crofts – International Chair of F & H Rotary gave a vote of thanks.

President Jim Reid, Mike Griffiths and Rtn. Clive Crofts

presenting Mike with a cheque for £250.

Technology Tournament – October 2019

What a Wind-Up

Students from three North Wales High Schools took on a tricky challenge to design and build a crane in less than four hours. The designs included a small electric motor to wind up a magnet with a ‘dummy’  drum of nuclear waste.

Rotarians from 4 clubs- Flint and Holywell, Mold, North Wirral and Deeside gave their engineering insights to help the next generation crack the problem. Coleg Cambria also provided almost a dozen Airbus apprentices to act as judges and role models to help the students achieve success.  The winners in all 3 age groups were Flint High School and so they swept the board.

Next year, the competition will take place at Neston High school, a state of the art educational facility on the Wirral. We wish our Welsh schools lots of luck in showing other budding engineers in England how Welsh young engineers measure up.

Our thanks to Coleg Cambria (who may well be opening their doors to a primary school competition next October), Airbus students and colleague Rotarians.

St Brigids’


Thanks to Airbus:

and our Rotarian colleagues:

Blood Bikes – 11th November 2019

Note the date – not only a moments silence to recognise those who have fallen in conflict but a day to thank those who devote their time voluntarily to saving lives – Blood Banks Wales.



Blood Bikes Wales are a Welsh charity based in Wales, providing a completely free courier service to the NHS, delivering blood supplies, plasma, documents and other items all across Wales.

The service is free of charge and operates between 7pm on Friday evening until midnight on Monday morning including bank holidays & even Christmas day!

At Blood Bikes Wales riders and supporters gear up to provide a completely free courier service for the NHS, relying solely on volunteers and donations to offer this service. This is not possible without amazing volunteers and public support.

                 442 VOLUNTEERS                   264 RIDERS

                     6 TRUSTS      14,037 DELIVERIES

Incredible statistics.

Members were addressed by Tim (the rider) and Sheila (the talker) – an insight into the valuable service given by volunteers – a cheque in the sum of £450 – which covers the insurance cost of a bike for one year – was presented by President Elect Gareth Owen.


President Elect Gareth Owen, Tim and Sheila Brown


Buddi the bike – named after the founders dog!!