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HALKYN COMMUNITY COUNCIL – working in partnership with the Welsh Ambulance Service and Flint and Holywell Rotary Club


In response to recent suggestions, your council has given consideration to the provision of a defibrillator, sited at the Halkyn Parish Hall. However, a recent meeting with the local Rotary Club, who are actively promoting and funding defibrillator provision in local communities, and the Welsh Ambulance Service (WAS) have led to a significantly better proposal.

The defibrillator is a vital piece of life saving equipment for people experiencing cardiac arrest. It provides electrical stimulus to the heart muscles, in an attempt to restart the heart. There is proven evidence that says that with chest compressions, if the defibrillator is applied within 6 minutes, then the patient has an 85% chance of recovery (with further hospital treatment). Whilst a defibrillator situated at the Parish Hall in Halkyn might be advantageous, if it is in a locked box, then any usefulness is hugely diminished, notwithstanding it will be ineffective for those living in Pentre Halkyn, Rhosesmor and Rhes-y Cae!

Your council believe that by far the best option is to promote a scheme of trained first responders, who will be trained by the Welsh Ambulance Service in emergency response techniques and will have the defibrillator with them. As well as being trained in dealing with cardiac arrests and using the defibrillator, they will also be trained on how to deal with heart attacks, choking in both adults and children, and serious bleeding emergencies. Responders will be in direct contact with ambulance control and tasked by them.

In the year up to December 2016, the Welsh Ambulance Service was called out to 803 incidents in the Halkyn Mountain area and analysis shows that first responders could have helped in 90% of these calls. Efficient as they are, Welsh Ambulance Service will not always get to this locality in 6 minutes!




An open event led by the Welsh Ambulance Service is planned for Saturday 24th June in Halkyn Parish Hall at 11.00am. The Welsh Ambulance Service will give a talk on the role of the first responder, demonstrate the equipment they use and explain how you can volunteer and be trained to become a first responder. The other very important issue is to look at the possibilities of having first responder teams not just for Halkyn, but Pentre Halkyn, Rhosesmor and Rhes-y-Cae. We really need to see just what response is forthcoming before the possibilities can be considered.   The event will last for some 90 minutes, with plenty of time for questions, and to speak with the Ambulance people.


Everyone is very welcome – there is absolutely no commitment. Becoming a volunteer first responder will be your decision, and this event is just to help you with information, and to demonstrate that applying chest compressions and a defibrillator is not as complex as you may think.

If at the outset you have no desire to be a first responder, please still come as there will be some administrative support (and possible fund raising) that the team will need, and for which you could be well suited.

There is also another great incentive – if we can get a responder team trained, Flint and Holywell Rotary Club will consider funding all or part of the cost of the defibrillator (around £780.00). That means monies identified by the Council can be used to provide the other essential equipment for the team.

Two of your local Councillors – Mrs Delyth Jones-Taylor (contact Tel: 01352 – 781630) and Mrs Wendy Sigsworth (contact Tel: 01352 – 780394) are coordinating this project.

If you are interested and would like to volunteer to become one of the First Responder Team in Halkyn Mountain but cannot attend the event, then please contact either councillor, and we will keep your interest and contact you later.  If you would like any further information, please leave a message on Flint and Holywell website  – we will answer all enquiries.

P.S.  if you are reading this and interested, but don’t live in the Halkyn Mountain area, please still come to the event.  Later in the year, Rotary will be approaching the Community Councils in Brynford and Ysceifiog, so by having an interest now, you will be ahead of the game!  There are also first responder schemes in Bagillt, Holywell and Caerwys, always looking for new members.

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