1st World War Commemorative Event – Holywell 11th November 2018

The Rotary club of Flint and Holywell were appreciative of the support received from schools in preparation for this unique event. Thanks are due to the organising committee and from a Rotary perspective thanks to Rotarian Rob Board representing the club in arrangements for this celebration and commemoration.

The letter below expresses our thanks to the schools / personnel involved:

12 November 2018


Dear ……………………..,

Flint and Holywell Rotary Club members wish to express their warmest and most sincere thanks for the tremendous work and effort your school has put into the World War One commemoration project.

There have been, and will remain for quite a while, some excellent outcomes from this project. Above all for our members has been seeing our young generation getting immersed with such commitment and enthusiasm in a topic so important in the development of their understanding of a time in history that should never be replicated.

I know that many in your school have been involved and to single out anyone is difficult, but we have been so impressed with the energy and leadership of …………, and ask you to express our special thanks to them.

All the research by your students has undoubtedly helped them learn and appreciate just what life was like for so many in Holywell 100 years ago. War was just perhaps an incidental factor given living and employment conditions, and extending studies into other factors such as war poetry is a useful by product of this project.

As a club, we are in awe of all your efforts, and can only repeat our thanks and appreciation.

With best wishes,

David Roberts – President


A selection of photos of the event:




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