Bee Keeping – 8th July 2019

Jill Wheeler (and husband Graham) are trustees of the Welsh Beekeepers association and Jill is the current Vice Chair and Secretary of the organisation. There are 19 local Associations in Wales affiliated to WBKA. Jill & graham consider themselves to be hobbyists – 16years and 20 hives into their passion.

Jill explained the essence of good bee keeping and informed the members present about:

Types of honeybees – Queen, Drone and workers
Life cycle of the honeybee
Management of hives
Comb management
Becoming a bee keeper
Feeding bees
Plants for honeybees
Winter care
Honeybee disease
Migration of bees
Honey and wax production plus answering many questions

A honey bee is very small but also very important. She pollinates plants and trees with pollen carried from one plant to another on her hairy body so we can have fruit and seeds. Without bees fewer plants would grow and we would not have enough variety in our food to keep everyone healthy. Bees also make honey for us to eat and use in medicine. Beeswax can be used to make candles, beauty products and furniture polish. Grow bee friendly plants – bees like many varieties of flowers and trees as well as flowering fruits and vegetables.

The website is a useful starting point to this fascinating hobby

Pres Elect Gareth Owen, Pres Jim Reid, Jill Wheeler and VOT member Martin Barker

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