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The Club received the following letter from the leaders of PopStarz – members were pleased to support this appeal – hard working leaders / supporters adding value to a local community.


To whom it concerns,

Popstarz is a local. singing and dancing academy which as husband and wife we set up just over 6 years ago and now have 132 pupils aged between 5-16 years old. Our name is now getting out into the community and we are now being asked to attend local events to support our local community, which is lovely, and the pupils really enjoy it too.

So far this year we have invited to local Nursing homes to perform for the residents and Mold Carnival.

On top of this we have our own show to look forward too. “Popstarz to Rockstarz”, which is being
held at the Theatre Clwyd, Mold on June 16’h and Undo

We.try to keep our hourly fees to a minimum, so we are affordable to as many pupils as possible
which means we must work hard fundraising each year to cover the added costs of costumes, props
etc for our two-,!,early performances. We do regular fund raisers within the academy and so far this
year we have organised a sponsored walk at Greenfield Valley in May, we had a Popstarz Bingo
afternoon last month which raised £760 and we are doing another Dragon Ba&s clothes collection
this term too, which last year raised £260. These cover quite a lot towards the cost of the summer
show which is usually around £1500 but does not leave us much to spend on new equipment to
make the academy the best it can be.

Along with the show costs we need to buy some new equipment to make the academy the best it
can be, we really need the following equipment ready for our show in June.
Qty 1- RCF ART 715-A MK4 15″ 1400W Active Powered PA Speaker, cover and 3-year warranty £578.
Qty 2 – Heavy Round Anti-Vibration Base Microphone Black £19.99 Each
Qty 1- Padded Protective Transport Bag 15″ Speaker Mackie Peavey ReF £24.50 Each
We also need some new cables which in total come to around £100
Total £742.48

We appreciate that Flint and Holywell Rotary Club also, have to work very hard fundraising
themselves for the local community. But if Flint and Holywell Rotary Club would be able to put a
donation towards the above equipment so we can make our Popstarz academy better again that
would be amazing.
Kind Regards




Message received via  Messenger, thanking us for the donation to Popstarz.

On behalf of Popstarz, I would like to thank the Rotary Club for your kind donation towards our academy for equipment for our shows. The children, …………. and I appreciate it so much and we can’t thank you enough Kind regards P…….. D……..

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