Dragons Den – Holywell High – 29th Nov 2019


For the past few months, year 10 students at Treffynnon have been working hard as part of their business studies, developing a marketable product in the form of an educational game targeted at younger people, but able to be used by parents and others to enhance learning.

Last week, teams of students presented their finished work to 4 ‘Dragon’s’ – members of Rotary who have had many years of business experience.  Teams had to convince these ‘businessmen’ that they had researched their market, costed their product and produced a game that had the potential to provide a great learning experience and make profits!

All 4 Dragons were tremendously impressed with the efforts of all teams. A fairly simple assessment was used, using 4 criteria where a score of 5 meant that the presentation was “excellent, really good content, well researched and thought through – persuasively and passionately presented”  Added was then an ‘investment potential’ meaning that Dragon’s would certainly put their money into financing the product.

Rotary had a small prize for the winning team, but had a huge dilemma in deciding which team were winners, as 4 teams had perfect 5’s and a 100% investment potential!

Just by the smallest of margins emerged team EduMax – Tom, Lily, Liberty, Emma, Natasha and Charlie.  Their product was a game that focussed on the ecological issues affecting the planet, so creating awareness in young people of how they must give real consideration to reducing plastics and other waste materials. We all thought this was a brilliant concept.

Rotary send their warmest congratulations to all the teams, and thank Treffynnon for the opportunity to take part.  We all felt very privileged to see young students applying such huge effort to innovative thinking and learning.

The picture shows the winning team – EduMax – Tom, Lily, Liberty, Emma, Natasha and Charlie, with Rotarians Gareth, Kevin, David and Rob, and teacher Mark. (this was a double success for Charlie who on the previous day was the joint winner of the Rotary Community Award).

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