Where is Santa???


Where is Santa ?????

 From the photographs identify where Santa is and write out the answers.

Send the answers to :

 admin@flintandholywellrotary.co.uk or pharmacistrbh@btinternet.com or

post to – Rotary Competition, Green Haze, Trelogan, Holy well Flintshire CH8 9BY

 All entrants must be aged 13 and under and in replying please state your age and contact details – most importantly a £25 gift voucher will be awarded to the winner – in the event of a tie a draw will take place to decide the winner.

 Closing date – 28th December 2020

 The final decision will be made by the judges and you need to be assured that any information you provide will be solely used in this competition and destroyed after the 28th.

Good Hunting!!!!!

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