Rotary members were very pleased to be asked to take part again, and provide ‘Dragons’ with business experience to listen to presentations by school students.

These were Year 10 students who as part of their studies formed teams to design and market a unique product.  They then made a presentation to the Dragons outlining their research, costings  and  profit potential.

All presentations were excellent, demonstrating that teams had worked together well.

As ever, Dragons faced a difficult task in their assessments.  They took into account the uniqueness of the product, the quality of research, the design and marketability, and the presentation.

20 teams did presentations, and after much deliberation, 6 emerged as potential winners –

Team MATCHES (Lewis, Jacob, Shane, James and Nathan) demonstrated a board game that matched animals to the food they eat, using ethically sourced materials. A superb learning game and a massive help in understanding endangered species.

Team BREATHE (Ruby, Ellie, Alexi and Evie) are marketing a book about diet and well-being  directed especially as a positive help for young people with mental health issues.  Their research was impressive.

Team COSMOS (Emily, Grace and Lucy) demonstrated a geographical/ecological board game, ideal for families.  Really good to help understand about the world we live in.

Team DREGRIAU COCH (Maggie, Molli and Lucy) were superb.  They presented a great idea of leaning Welsh quickly and effectively through illustrated cards, and this could appeal to people of all ages.  The team gave a brilliant presentation.

Team SPORTS LAB (Josh, Jamie, Jack and Logan) demonstrated a great idea of producing an App as an aid to keeping fit over a range of sporting activities.  The App would be free to users and  cleverly funded through advertising.

But after considerable scrutiny, the winning team was

Team NATIVE NUTRITION (Gerda, Nathan, Sofia, Jess and Lucy).  The Dragons were hugely impressed with their idea of a recipe book based on the cultures and traditions of Lithuania and Ecuador. The business model was faultless, based on the nationality of two of the team members.  The concept was well researched, and very capable of publication, even extending the potential of matching other world countries.

Many congratulations NATIVE NUTRITION – well deserved.

Very often in presentations there is a memorable moment, and although not making the top 6, Ayanda from team Mr JAR GAMES gave an outstanding presentation for her team.  The Dragons decided to recognise this through a special achievement award.

The Dragons would just like to recognise the huge amount of work by Director of Learning Mark Seale in making the event happen


The pictures show Dragons Rob, Steve and Paul with Ayanda, and the Dragons with the winning team NATIVE NUTRITION (Gerda, Sofia, Jess and Lucy, but missing Nathan who was unavailable)



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