Technology Tournament – October 2023


For many years now, The Rotary Club of Flint and Holywell have been organising and hosting A Technology Tournament for local High Schools. Teams of budding engineers compete against each other to design and construct a “machine or structure” capable of undertaking a specific task using basic materials provided.

The event organiser, Rotarian Steve Blakesley stated that the Tournament was set up to encourage students to work as a team and use their combined skills to design a machine that this year, could travel a set distance up an incline using nothing other than gravity. The material provided comprised simply lengths of wood, a set of pulleys, four wheels, string, a piece of cardboard and a 200g weight!

The event was held at Coleg Cambria and students from Flint, Holywell and Saltney competed against each other under the watchful eyes of Steve and fellow Rotarian, Rob Board and Rotarians from North Wirral and the Passport club. As usual, on hand to give “expert” guidance, were engineering apprentices from Airbus, who have supported this annual project for many years. North East Wales has always been a centre of excellence in the field of engineering, and this dates back even before the days of The Second World War, with such iconic planes as “The Wellington” and The Lancaster” rolling off the Broughton production lines. Currently, whilst the huge Airbus factory dominates the area, there are many more companies in this field who are constantly looking out for their engineers of the future. Steve, himself a former teacher, commented that this experience allows students to develop a number of transferable skills such as problem solving and team building. Such skills make students very employable

The winning project this year came from St David’s School, Saltney, and their entry was demonstrated to the Rotarians at a recent meeting. Members were very impressed not only with the quality and precision of the winning team’s entry, but also the fact that the students had to come up with their own fully working design completely from scratch.

We are grateful for the help of Coleg Cambria who provide this excellent venue for the tournament.


Project organiser Steve Blakesley with The Winning Project :


The Winning Team from St David’s School Saltney with their entry :


A selection of other entries :












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